Fast Ferry

Fast Ferry uitsnede
he Fast Ferry Hoek van Holland has been navigating between Hoek van Holland and the Maas Plain since 1 May 2008. On the way you can view the ships in the New Waterway up close and personal and a few interesting ferry stops have been included in the route. Experience these exquisite spots near the ferry stops; they are perfect for a day out.

Prices 2018:
Single fare € 4,00 (reduced price € 3,50)
Day return € 6,00 (reduced price € 4,50)
20-trip card € 48,00

The reduced price is valid for 4 to 11 and 65+.
No ticket required for children up to 3. This also goes for bicycles.

Hours 2018:
The first departure is Monday to Friday at 06.06 am and the last departure is at 19.06 pm. On weekends the first departure is at 09.06 am.
Subject to change.

More information:
RET Customer Contact Centre, T: +31 (0) 900 500 60 10 (€ 0,10 p/m) or e-mail to