Parking near the beach of Hoek van Holland is possible at various locations and in 2018 free of charge. Below you will find an overview of the possibilities and the particulars. You will also find details on


Parking Helmweg – North
When you visit the beach at the Rechtestraat or the naturist beach, you best park here. The capacity is approximately 425 spaces.

Parking Helmweg – South
This is a smaller parking opposite the Helmweg parking. Capacity: about 150.

Parking spaces Beach Boulevard
This is the “old” boulevard behind the dunes in the direction of the southern beach centre. There are 300 parking spaces here. Especially visitors of the sunny hollows in the dunes can use this parking.

Parking Badweg
This is the large parking at the central access road to the southern beach centre with a capacity of about 1,250 spaces.
Especially visitors who wish to park near the beach can use this parking. From the parking it is only a 5-minute walk.

Parking space Zeekant north / south
For a limited number of ‘early birds’ there is a possibility of parking in the spaces at the Zeekant. This parking space is primarily reserved for card holders, such as beach operators, suppliers and emergency services.

Parking Strandweg/Paviljoenweg
This is a parking with a capacity of about 430 spaces. From this parking it is about a 15-minute walk to the southern beach centre. From this parking you can also walk toward dunes and beach along the New Waterway.

Parking Koningin Emmaweg
This is a parking space with about 310 spaces. From this parking you can walk toward the north pier along the New Waterway or stroll on the new Koningin Emmaboulevard.

Parking Koningin Emmaboulevard
This parking space has about 230 free spaces and is very well suited for boat spotting. If you do not like your toes in the sand you can bring a folding chair and enjoy the Waterway Park with the landscaped playful dry creek with its extraordinary flora.

You can park for free on the boulevard and in the city centre. Only the parking behind the Albert Heijn Supermarket, Prins Hendrikstraat and Rietdijkstraat is designated as a blue zone. You can park here, using the parking disk, a maximum period of two and a half hours.