Rotterdam Beach

Rotterdam Beach

The Hoek van Holland beach is 250 metres wide and 3.5 kilometres long. Behind it are the dunes with their free accessible cycle and foot paths. The typical dune flora can best be admired during a brisk walk or cycling tour. Chances are you spot a rabbit or maybe even a fox along the way. The best resting spots to pop out your binoculars, to have lunch or to unwind are the picnic tables which have been placed in beautiful locations next to the paths.
The Hoek van Holland beach has been divided into three concentrated areas:
The ‘large’ beach: the southern part, Badweg/Zeekant where the facilities are especially aimed at tourists. Here you will find a large number of pleasant beach pavilions and excellent restaurants, and this is also the place where musical events are organized. All facilities for a great day at the beach are present: showers, toilets, parking space, the special beach wheelchairs, playgrounds for the children, trampolines, the First Aid Post and the Lifeguards.
The ‘Hoekse’ beach: Slag Rechtestraat is aimed at aquatic sports(wo)men in the region. Here you will also find some excellent beach pavilions, showers, toilets, a bike park and the Central Post of the Lifeguards. On the beach you can play volleyball or disc golf and on the shoreline you can dredge or skimboard. In the past years the group of surfers has grown tremendously, because the waves that break on the beach near the surfing schools ( and are excellent surfing waves. The local surfers, who belong to the best of the Benelux, do not come here for any reason.
On this beach you will also find the Windsurf Society Hoek van Holland. The society has over 150 fanatic members who windsurf, kitesurf and golfsurf. As soon as circumstances allow it, they cannot wait to get into the water. Recently, the accommodation, which consists of a storage space for material and a dressing room with showers and toilets, has been completely renovated. It is the only surf club in the Netherlands where the surf equipment can be stored at the sea all year long:
This stretch of sea is also well suited for surf kayaking: surfing the waves of the North Sea and meanwhile stunt with the kayak! Contrary to the sea canoeist the surf kayaker does not venture far out into the sea, but remains close to the beach, in the surf. It somewhat resembles white-water kayaking, with the same type of kayak and a similar action for everyone who loves a challenge or just wants to give it a try. See
The northern part, up to ‘s Gravenzande:
A part of this beach is specially intended for naturists (between beach pole 116 and 117)