SOS wristband

Imagine being on the beach and all of a sudden you can’t find your child (or your parents) anymore. Unfortunately this occurs one a frequent base at beaches all over the world. To prevent this from happening you can collect a free SOS wristband at VVV Hoek van Holland, our lifeguards (post and vehicles), Strandzaken (Zeekant), First Aid post (Zeekant) and beach parking (parking lot Badweg). You can recognize these distribution points on the special SOS wristband posters.

You can write a mobile telephone number on the SOS wristband, so a lost child can quickly be reunited with his or her parents. As soon as a child has been found, the lifeguards in Hoek van Holland will raise a green flag to inform people that a lost child has been found.

Hopefully these measurements will make lost children at Hoek van Holland beach a thing of the past. poster SOS polsbandjes