Walking (Inter)national

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Hoek van Holland is the beginning (or ending, you can walk both directions) of ‘het Deltapad’, ‘Het Hollands Kustpad’ and ‘het Grote Rivierenpad’. Het Deltapad is part of the international Hiking trail North Sea – Riviera, GR 5 and goes all the way from Hoek van Holland to Nice. Both het Deltapad and het Hollands Kustpad are part of the European long distance path E9 and follows the Atlantic and North Sea coast. Het Grote Rivierenpad is part of the European long distance path E8 which will take you from the Irish Sea to the Carpathians.

LAW 5-1: Deltapad – Hoek van Holland – Sluis – 237 km
LAW 5-2/5-3: Hollands Kustpad – Hoek van Holland – Den Helder – 213 km
LAW 6: Grote Rivierenpad – Hoek van Holland – Kleef – 276 km

As you can tell, Hoek van Holland is an important and central part of many Dutch and European long distance paths.

Water and Ports: 8 days of hiking: Delft, the coast at Hoek van Holland and Rotterdam
During these 8 days you will walk along the coast at Hoek van Holland, the “Nieuwe Waterweg” and Rotterdam back to Delft. You start your walks in the historical city of Delft. Famous for the “Nieuwe Kerk”, where members of the royal family are buried and for the beautiful canals. After this you will walk through the “Westland”, known for the different way for agriculture: in big greenhouses vegetables and flowers are grown. After this you will reach the coast of Hoek van Holland. This is a great place to extend your hiking trip. For more information, see Hike in Holland